About Us

Come enjoy an amazing experience at ME Ultra Lounge. Our premium lounge offers different types of membership plans, and reservations for special groups, events, birthdays, etc. This is a 21 and over lounge. Please be sure to have your ID. ME Ultra Lounge a classy hookah lounge with state of the art equipment, Khalil Mammon exclusive hookahs and top of the line shisha. We continue to provide every single customer top of the line service guaranteed. This is an exclusive and upscale lounge. If you’re looking for a calm atmosphere with a cozy setting this is the place to be. This location has 10 TV’s, game consoles and a relaxed vibe!

We’ve got that exclusive and hip vibe, parties and music of all kinds and fantastic hookahs for you to relax your night out with friends. At ME Ultra Lounge it’s all about Relaxation and fun! Come spend a relaxing evening with your friends while enjoying a nice Hookah and a drink- We have different flavors to fit your mood.

ME Ultra Lounge requires a membership by state law. Membership can be purchased in person at ME Ultra Lounge.

Lounge Experience

We guarantee the taste of every hookah flavor did not come an easy way:

– 100% natural coconut coals; no smoke or taste that messes up with the flavor; minimal ash.

– Each flavor is served with the right type of hose dedicated for that flavor only.

– Each time newly washed hookah with freshly filled water; bases and the hoses cleaned with 120psi Pressure [d hose]


Free WiFi
Video Games
ME | Punch
Fruit Bowls
Soft Drinks
Ice Hoses
50+ flavors


Ice Tips
Accessories and more.